About Me

About Me

Why Pick Me

With an advanced level 3 qualification in creative media and working with web design and a digital marketing organisation for over five years, you can be confident that my knowledge and expertise can help your firm flourish thanks to these abilities. I can assist you in selecting the best marketing plan for your company. I can then assist you in putting that plan into action.

In 2023, I became an associate of The Charted Institute of Marketing (CIM). This means I get access to support and resources which improve my skills and abilities. They also expect me to keep a continuing professional development portfolio and monitor me to ensure I am keeping up with standards and best practice.

Genuinely care

Why My Appoach Helps You

I put a lot of emphasis on making the most of every single digital marketing opportunity, and I do this by treating every procedure and job—no matter how small—with the utmost devotion and attention.

In It For The Long Haul

I make the assumption that I'll be working with you for years. Therefore, I will never advocate for short-sighted remedies like oversaturating your site with low-quality content because, to me, the quality of the service and results will always come before immediate gain and lining my pockets.

Your Business Is My Business

My working connection with your company is based on mutual trust and cooperation. The best outcomes, in my opinion, come from working as a team with your company rather than just as an account manager.

Care & Respect

I understand how important it is for every single business owner to protect their investments, so when I take on a project, I put my full energy into seeing it through to completion. No matter how big or small the task may seem, I always strive to make sure it's done right. You can count on me to give your company the attention and detail-oriented approach it deserves at all times.

I'll Become Your Partner and Together We'll Reach Success

The Marketing Shack’s vision is to create a world where digital marketing is fun and effortless, helping everyone achieve their goals.

Working in partnership with your business, I want to provide easy-to-use digital marketing solutions and guidance, enabling you to reach your objectives while having fun and laughing along the way.