Are You Missing These 5 Crucial Steps in Your Video Marketing Plan?

Are You Missing These 5 Crucial Steps in Your Video Marketing Plan? - The Marketing Shack - Web Design and Digital Marketing Services

Why proper planning is crucial for video marketing.

Are you tired of spending hours shooting videos only to have them fall flat with your audience? Well, it’s time to brush up on your preproduction skills and learn why proper planning is crucial for video marketing. Before you even think about picking up that camera, here are 5 steps you should do in your planning process that will save you time, money, and potentially embarrassing moments. So grab a pen and paper (or open up a new Google doc if you’re fancy like that) because we’re about to dive into the world of video marketing where the story is king and your audience is waiting to be wowed.

Define your goals: Clearly outline your objectives.

You can’t just blindly jump into action without figuring out exactly what you want to achieve. Are you looking to increase footfall during certain hours? Or maybe you’d like to boost sales on specific items? Whatever it may be, vocalise your objectives so everyone in the team is on board and working towards the same goal.

Imagine this: You’re the owner of a cosy little coffee shop, and as you look around, you realise that your customer base is predominantly made up of older individuals. Now, there’s nothing wrong with having loyal elderly patrons (they always appreciate a good pot of tea and a cake), but you can’t help but feel the need for some young blood flowing through your doors. The objectives should focus on creating engaging and shareable content that resonates with this demographic. 

Know your target audience: Research and analyse.

Researching and analysing your target audience is like embarking on a treasure hunt…without the map. You’re digging deep into the minds, habits, and desires of potential customers who may or may not even know they need what you have to offer. It’s like playing detective, Sherlock Holmes style, but instead of solving crimes and wearing a fancy hat, you’re uncovering insights that will help craft the perfect video marketing plan.

Let’s go back to the coffee shop. They are wanting to attract 18-24 year olds. So, how can you gather intel on your potential cool-kid customers? Where can you find these coffee-loving youngsters? Well, they’re not at home watching TV ads during daytime talk shows anymore! Instead, they’re scrolling through TikTok videos while procrastinating on their latest assignment or curating their personal brand on Instagram Stories (we see you flexing those latte art skills). So, start by looking on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Look for popular hashtags like #coffeelovers or #caffeineaddict and snoop around profiles of people who frequent trendy coffee establishments. Check out the videos they engage with the most and try to decipher any patterns or common themes. This will give you insight into the type of content that resonates well with your target audience.

Develop a concept: Create a compelling storyline.

Now that you’ve identified your target audience, it’s time to let those creative juices flow and develop a concept for your video. Think of it as crafting the perfect recipe that combines visual delights with emotional triggers. You want to create a storyline that not only captures attention but also sparks deep-seated emotions within your audience.

Back to the Coffee Shop – Imagine a video where the coffee shop is transformed into a lively meeting place for eco-conscious individuals.

The video could begin by presenting the coffee shop as a drab and ordinary space until one day, the café undergoes an unexpected makeover. The walls are painted with vibrant colours made using organic pigments, representing the shop’s commitment to sustainability. The furniture is replaced by funky upcycled pieces, giving the space a unique and fun vibe. As the days go by, word spreads among young adults about this new eco-friendly haven in town – drawing them in like magnets eager to experience this novel meeting place firsthand.

To add an emotional touch to the video concept, they could showcase various groups of friends bonding over their shared passion for environmentalism. Young people laughing over cups of organic fair-trade coffee as they have scholarly discussions about climate change or brainstorm ways to reduce plastic waste – all while being surrounded by messages promoting sustainability and conservation. Not only does this approach highlight the ecological mission of the coffee shop but it evokes positive emotions from viewers through its heartwarming scenes and relatable characters.

When developing your concept, keep in mind that emotion is integral to capturing and retaining your audience’s attention. Whether it’s humour or heart-wrenching drama, connecting with viewers on an emotional level will ensure they remember not only your video but also what you have to offer. So get those creative gears turning and develop a compelling storyline that brings out all the feels in your target market!

Broadcasting: Repurposing your video content.

With so many platforms available, where should you be putting your video content? Should you go for the classic YouTube, Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram reels or embrace TikTok? The real question is how can you utilise multiple platforms? The answer is repurposing content.

So, our quirky coffee shop have decide to create a full 5 min corporate video and placed it on Youtube. It showcases their unique drinks and cosy atmosphere. Now, they’ve got an awesome video but need to spread the love across different platforms without spending a fortune. Enter the art of repurposing!

They can take snippets from their main video and create short teasers specifically designed for Facebook and Instagram reels, Youtube Shorts and tiktok. These bite-sized clips can highlight a funny moment or showcase their most photogenic latte art with clever captions like when your coffee is hotter than your ex.

By repurposing their YouTube video in creative ways, our witty coffee shop manages to save money on marketing while striking gold with maximum exposure among 18-24 year olds who just can’t resist sharing content they find hilarious.

Monitoring Success: Video Marketing Evaluation.

When it comes to video marketing evaluation, it’s not just about counting the likes, shares, follows, and comments. We need to dig deeper! Sure, getting a bunch of likes is nice – it’s like a virtual high-five from your audience. But what about those pesky comments? Are they filled with praise or criticism? Whether you’re drowning in positive remarks or trying to swim through a sea of negativity, knowing how people are engaging with your videos is crucial for assessing success.

But here’s the thing: don’t get too wrapped up in the numbers game. It’s easy to feel disheartened if your video doesn’t reach thousands of views overnight. Remember that quality trumps quantity any day! Instead of obsessing over numbers alone, pay attention to the type of engagement you’re receiving. Are people leaving thought-provoking comments? Are they tagging their friends and starting conversations? Yes? That means you’ve struck gold! Engagement indicates that your video has made an impact on your viewers and created a ripple effect beyond passive consumption.

When it comes to the coffee shop, let’s be honest, the ultimate measure of success is how many 18-24 year olds they sold to each day. If people keep coming back for more lattes or shots of espresso with rave reviews online or word-of-mouth recommendations off-screen – they know they’ve hit that sweet spot! So while it’s important to stay up-to-date with digital strategies and continuously monitor online metrics, never underestimate the power of a quality cup of joe in keeping those young caffeine enthusiasts loyal. After all, who needs likes when your cappuccino game is strong?

Conclusion: The importance of planning in video marketing.

In conclusion, planning is absolutely crucial in video marketing. Without clear objectives, audience research, and a well-thought-out storyline, your videos may end up as entertaining but directionless pieces of content. And let’s face it, no one wants to watch a video that leaves them scratching their head and wondering what just happened. But fear not! With proper planning, you can avoid this fate and create videos that truly resonate with your target audience. Plus, don’t forget the beauty of repurposing video content – why make one video when you can make four? So go ahead, dive into the world of video marketing armed with a solid plan and watch as your success skyrockets. Ready…set…action!

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