Boost Audience Impact with Creative Ideas

Boost Audience Impact with Creative Ideas by The Marketing Shack

Creative Ideas

Are you looking for creative ideas to boost your audience impact? You’ve come to the right place! Whether it’s through video content, infographics, blogging, podcasts, or social media posts, this article will provide you with 2 examples for 5 content marketing strategies to get you started on your digital marketing strategy. Get ready to spruce up your content and increase engagement with these creative ideas!

Content Strategy 1: Video Content

why not create a “day in the life” video showcasing what it’s really like to work in your industry? It doesn’t have to be all serious either, throw in some funny moments or office pranks to keep it entertaining. People love getting a behind-the-scenes look at their favourite brands and this is a great way to give them just that.

Another idea is to create an animated explainer video about your product or service using cute and quirky characters. Not only are these types of videos visually appealing but they are also highly shareable on social media platforms.

Content Strategy 2: Infographics

why not create an infographic showcasing your small business’s origin story? People love hearing about how brands got their start, especially if it involves wacky hijinks or unlikely partnerships (think Ben & Jerry’s starting from a $5 correspondence course in ice cream making).

Another idea is a walk through guide of what happens after someone purchases a product or service from you. What happens after someone clicks the complete checkout button? Where does the order go to? Who finds the product they need? Who or how is the postage sticker put on? Tell your customer who and what is involved in your company to get the amazing product to them!

Content Strategy 3: Blogging

let’s talk about creating a fictional character who represents your ideal customer. Give them a name, age, occupation, and personality traits. Then write blog posts from their perspective on topics related to your business. Not only will this make for entertaining content, but it will also help you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Another idea is to create an imaginary world where your business is the hero saving people from their problems. Think of it like a superhero comic book series where each post tackles a different issue that your business can solve.

Content Strategy 4: Podcasts

why not do a “Behind the Scenes” episode where you discuss the chaos and craziness that has happened in your small business? Share stories about the time you spilled coffee all over your keyboard or accidentally sent an embarrassing email to a client. Trust me, people love hearing about other people’s misfortunes.

Another idea is to interview other small business owners in your industry and ask them questions like “What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened at work?” or “What was your biggest failure and how did you learn from it?” Not only will this give you great content, but it’ll also give you some networking opportunities. Win-win!

Content Strategy 5: Social Media Posts

Create a “Caption This” contest using a silly photo of your product or team members. The winner gets bragging rights and maybe even a discount code.

Another fun idea is to host a scavenger hunt on social media! Hide clues throughout your posts and challenge your followers to find them all. Not only will this get people engaged with your content, but it also gives you an opportunity to showcase different aspects of your business in a creative way.

Conclusion: Leverage Creative Ideas

In conclusion, content marketing is a great way to engage and grow your audience. With so many creative ideas for content, you have the potential to make an impact on your audience. Whether it’s through podcasts, videos, or blog posts, there’s no limit to how you can promote your business. So get out there and start creating! Who knows where it will take you? Now it’s time to get creative and start putting those ideas into action – happy writing!

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